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Treadmills are fun but they can be dangerous, too. To get the full benefit and stay safe you must learn how to use them correctly.

Begin slowly, start the machine while you stand to one side to see it in operation and then stand on, hold the handrails and walk at 2 or 3 miles per hour for a few minutes to get used to the feel. It feels odd because your surroundings are not in motion.

Now stop and get off. Be aware that you may feel disoriented and dizzy when you stop so, for the first few times, have something (or someone) to hold on to.

In use, hold the handrails to start with and then stand upright, looking straight ahead, not down at the controls or your feet. If you look straight ahead you will not move from side to side or front or back so much.

Be careful and concentrate

Be careful and concentrate on your walking so that you stay in one place and do not go too fast in case you lose your balance and are thrown off.

Be aware that treadmills can cause serious injury so be sensible, use the safeguards your machine provides.

In particular, do not look round if disturbed as this will cause disorientation and do not try to reach down while the machine is in motion.

Get used to the machine by walking slowly and use the Emergency Stop button to see how it works.

Once you are used to walking on a moving platform it is time to start having fun and getting some serious exercise.

The best exercise is to vary the speed at which you walk, so begin by warming up at a slow speed and then increase the speed every two or three minutes until you are walking at a comfortably fast pace. How fast this is varies from person to person.

Stay at that speed for a few minutes

Stay at that speed for a few minutes and then slowly bring the speed down and have a cool down for two or three minutes at low speed before you get off.

Once comfortable at this, increase the length of time you spend at top speed, by adding two minute intervals, until you can walk without discomfort for fifteen minutes.

Do not rush this last step, increasing exercise duration slowly helps keep up your interest and provides a continuing challenge.

Finally, you can now go for a higher top speed, faster acceleration and longer lasting, more challenging workouts.

Also investigate any other programs your treadmill has or start simulating outdoor exercise, increasing your workload as above until you are getting a good thirty minute (total) workout.

The benefits of exercise are long term and you should exercise no more than four times a week.

Finally, remember to always wear proper footwear and to always warm up and cool down including some calf, quadriceps and hamstring stretches.

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