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Reach Your Potential

Have you ever noticed how many swim terms are used in everyday slang? “Jump right in” and “dive in” are just a few. Goals, however, need to be approached differently. Whether you are setting goals for improving your backstroke, moving up the corporate ladder, or growing a garden you should break it down into steps. This will put you in the right direction to achieve what you desire to be the end result.

The first thing you should do is visualize reaching that goal. That is motivation in itself. Just remember then that you need to take it one small achievement at a time in order to get there. In other words, break your big goal down into smaller goals. If you set your goal too high without a plan of execution, you can become easily discouraged.

Big goals can seem unrealistic until they are broken down. They should be directed at changing your focus on what you want and

how to get there. Choose your first plan of action for a solid start. Monitor your progress and know your strengths so that you do not expend precious time or energy in the wrong direction. If things do not work as you planned, consider taking a different approach.

Once you attain that, celebrate your success! Allow yourself to enjoy each level of progress. This helps with motivation and focus. Then move to the next level, and so forth.

Remember, you need to stay committed to reaching your goal. If you are not sufficiently committed, you will not invest yourself into attaining your desires. Goal setting requires practice, so be patient with yourself. But also be aware if you are taking the proper action to attain your goal and reach your full potential.

Determine today that you will “get your feet wet”. You CAN reach your potential.

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