Fitness and Workout Routines

Feeling The Burn

How many times has a coach, trainer, or instructor said “feel the burn”, particularly when you’re doing a high rep exercise like calf presses? Why do they say that and what does it mean?

Technically speaking, when you feel a burning sensation in your muscles, that means those muscles are not getting enough oxygen. Some of that is inevitable, but it’s a good reminder to check and make sure you’re breathing rhythmically, inhaling on the release and exhaling on the press.

If your aren’t, you’d do well to adjust so that your entire body is aligned in the effort. You should be completely focused on the task at hand and regulating your breathing with the movements of your body is one of the best ways to do it. That’s why breathing is so important in meditation.

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How Much Cardio?

The question is certainly up for debate, and there are many theories, but I go with the majority and say: “Well…it really depends.” A lot of it is simply based on preference. How much cardio do you need versus how much do you want?

The bare minimum for a productive cardio workout, one in which your cardiovascular system is progressively challenged, is twenty minutes of consistently keeping your heart rate up two to three times a week.

That’s all it takes to reduce your risk for heart disease and to burn calories. And the nice thing about this particular measuring stick is that as you advance, so does the effort it takes to keep your heart rate up.

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Which Exercise is Best?

When we put seven popular exercises under the spotlight we found the following in terms of their ability to burn the calories in a thirty minute period of time:

In case you didn’t know circuits are a mix of skipping, press-ups, ab crunches, etc taken one after another over a fixed time period. Usually takes place in a gym and popular with men and women alike.
Calorie Burn Potential: around 300+ calories depending on intensity

Probably the most popular form of very low/no impact exercise. Great for all the family but actually a fairly modest calorie burner for most average swimmers. (more…)

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Swim Whenever You Can

Swimming provides cardio, stretching, and coordination training all at once, making it the most effective compliment to weightlifting. A major stumbling block is the surprising number of people who cannot swim. Not only that, but they have no interest in learning.

It’s as if people consider there to be an appropriate time for one to learn (i.e. childhood), and if you have missed that window, you shouldn’t bother. While it’s certainly true that the younger you are, the easier it is to learn, there is certainly nothing preventing an adult from learning this incredible fitness tool.

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A Tip From The Ants

Remember as a kid you got told off for being antsy? Well, vindication is finally here!

People who persistently fidget and can’t seem to keep still are slimmer than those who spend more time sitting around.

Think about it and you’ll see it’s right. We all know the slim people who are on the go all the time while those who are less slim tend to sit about more.

So, is this inborn or can you change? It’s hard to change your nature but you can be more active by making an effort to get up and get going and not sitting still for long.

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Fitness and Fashion

What do you look like when you’re out jogging or at the gym?

No, it’s a serious question because the way you look helps determine the effectiveness of your exercise routine and how well you’ll stick to it.

Dressed in dirty, tired, worn out clothes you’re not at your best and you won’t feel others expect much of you either. You’ll look and feel tired and worn out and and the result will be a lackluster, well-below-your-best workout that you’ll be glad to finish.

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Workout Tips

How Fit am I?

Find out how fit you are with our two point test.

First Test
Walk briskly (or jog slowly if you prefer) for a mile (around 1.5 km). At the end of this you should not be unduly breathless or feel unpleasantly tired.

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Health and Fitness 2

Health and Fitness for men and women is SO IMPORTANT to each of us. Over the past several generations our physical activity is threatened, men and women have become more dependent on our cars. How many of you only have one car in a family? I bet very few. How many of you do regular exercises during the week? Maybe a few more. It is estimated that only 15 – 20% get regularly exercise.

Eighty percent (80%) of us are not getting a reasonable amount of regular exercise. Fitness is not a priority. We are paying for this with the obesity epidemic, now into our grade schools as well as a significant rise in diabetes.

Some of the benefits of regular exercise are lowering your blood pressure, lower the risk of colon cancer, increase bone strength to prevent osteoporosis among other benefits.

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Safely Control Weight Loss & Burn Body Fat

Cutting out 300 calories a day and exercising for just 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week will result in loosing 1 pound. Cutting out 300 calories a day is as simple as not buttering your bread.

As you get older your metabolism slows down. After the age of 30, your body gradually begins to decrease in muscle tissue. If your activity level stays the same and the amount of calories you eat stay the same, you will still gain weight because your metabolism has slowed down. However, if you exercise and weight train a regular basis, you probably won’t notice much of a change in your metabolism as you age.

Strength Training helps increase your metabolism because fat burns less calories than muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn. (more muscle equal less body fat.)

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Fitness Facts

Training & Fitness

A good exercise program consists of a custom weight training or resistance training regimen based on an individuals overall fitness level.

Weight training strengthens your muscles & bones and is a key element in maintaining a good fitness level. Cardio training is also necessary, however it alone is not enough to have over all true fitness. True fitness incorporates the right combination for your body type. Proper training elevates your metabolism for hours, well after a workout verses cardiovascular training which only lasts as long as the cardio training period itself.

Body Fat & Calories

For each pound of weight that your body carries, it takes about 12 calories per pound per day to keep it alive. If you weigh 150 pounds, you will need about 1,800 calories per day to keep yourself alive and maintain that same weight. Eating more than 1,800 calories per day, will cause the body to turn those extra calorie into fat. It takes about 3,600 excess calories to make one pound of fat.

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