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Just Add Water

If you are looking for a sport that costs less than other sports or requires less equipment, swimming is your answer. All you need is yourself, a swimsuit, and preferably a swim buddy, coach, or life guard. Mix with water and have fun!

Your swimsuit or shorts should fit well. Suits should feel like a second skin. You will find that the quick drying material such as lycra or nylon are a smart choice. Competition suits are great if you are clocking your speed. These will allow you to swim more efficiently with less drag.

Goggles are highly suggested, mainly to protect your eyes from the chlorine. For swimming variations, goggles help you keep your head uniform so you can just look with your eyes to see when you need to turn. Equipment for training such

as kick boards, fins, and pull buoys are excellent tools for building muscle and strength.

Depending on your hair, caps are recommended to keep it out of your face or from becoming a distraction. Also in competition, caps will prevent any length of hair from creating drag. Chlorine is also very hard on the hair, causing it to dry out quickly.

If you have blond or lighter hair, be mindful that chlorine discolors it. Any shampoo designed to remove chlorine is great, even those gentle ones for kids. Most caps bear an athletic logo, so go ahead and sport it!

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