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Fine Tuning the Abs

A large percentage of the people who weight-lift say that the thing they feel they need the most work on are their abs. Everybody wishes they had abs like [insert preferred celebrity here] but fears that no matter how hard they try, they never will. And partially, this is true, because everyone has different body and muscle types and yours simply may not match up to the desired look. However, by avoiding a few common mistakes, you can bring yourself to a point where you will be happy with the abs you have:

* Don’t work your abs every day – When you work out you are tearing muscle. That muscle needs time off to heal. So try to give your abs at least one day off between workouts. If your routine is 5 days a week, do them on the 1, 3, and 5.

* Don’t add extra weights –You want lean, cut abs with definition. Nobody wants a big block of muscle that looks like a beer gut. If you have to do a thousand reps for it to feel like you’re working, that’s what you do.

* Don’t just do crunches –A key to getting the “six pack” look is to work every inch of every muscle. The best way to do that is to use every ab exercise ever invented. Leg lifts, reclining bicycle, cross crunches, all of it.
* Stretch –Every day, no matter what, stretch out your abs. My favorite is the cobra pose followed by standing upper body rotation.

* Lifestyle –The most efficient way to work your abs as a supplement to your normal exercises is posture. Be conscious of and use those ab muscles as you sit, stand, and roll over in your every day life.

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