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Breaststroke Technique Tips

The breaststroke consists of push and pull cycles. It is best mastered when broken into isolated motions, or components.

First push off horizontally. With arms outstretched and your head between your arms maintaining a neutral position, the hands should be together and fingers closed. As you streamline push your weight on your chest as if gliding downhill. Your hips will slightly elevate to drive you forward.

Part your arms into a Y with palms turned out. Do not utilize the hands to apply pressure. Just think of it as putting them on a stable object then use your elbows for leverage. Once the elbows have begun the muscle work, use your abdominal muscles to continue forward.

Allow your chest to rise and point your shoulders up. Come up for a breath while keeping the head neutral. With your hands together, allow your hips to push you forward while bending the legs into a frog position. Keeping feet pointed out, straighten your legs while pushing from your heels.

In the outstretched cycle of the kick, elongate the body by stretching the arms to the forward phase. Think of it as pushing the water back, or creating a path for your body. Also remember to keep your head in neutral position at all times.

Putting it all together can initially be a challenge, but it is worth it to master the style. After all, isn’t it just natural instinct for a man to seek a challenge and proudly conquer it?

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