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Body fat abs

There are no weird exercises or machines that will take the fat off of your abs. The only working solution to have great looking abs is cardiovascular exercising and dieting. Do not trust the magic hanging, twisting which sometime involves buying some equipment, do your own exercises for body fat abs.

Now thinking of exercising there is one more thing that I must tell you because every day I see people working upper, lower, right or left part of the abs it will not work. You cannot reduce it spot by spot. Our body is not working that way. You cannot model your body parts without lowering the body fat level because it will not be gone the next day. It takes time for the body fat abs to work for you. Here are a few simple tips for ab development.

A low fat diet plan is needed. It will help your energy, it will help you fell better. You will need a body fat percentage under 8% for men and 14% for women so that your abs to start breaking through. No matter what exercises you do, the abs will show only if you lose body fat.

Reducing your body fat should be done by eating more protein, fewer calories, moderate complex carbohydrate and simple sugars. Also another concern is fatty acids therefore reducing dairy products is a must. You should increase the intake of saturated fat acids (omega 3, 6, 9). You also need to create a deficientary calorie diet plan so that your body will use calories from the fat stores you have created until now. Do not reduce the calories that much, you do not want to start feeding from muscle tissues instead of fat.

Now that you have taken the steps on dieting, you need to start cardiovascular exercising like running, walking, aerobics and many more others. Exercise at least 3 times each week and try to doing it for like 40-50 minutes. Your metabolism will be accelerated, therefore you will lose more calories. You will also need ab exercises but here is something that everyone does wrong by doing so many. It will not help if you do them daily it is more, the way you do them: how hard you contract your muscles. Recommended are crunches and reversed crunches for the exercises. Do not abuse them.

The correct way of doing body fat abs is to contract the muscles as hard as possible then doing a crunch. If you do 100 crunches before feeling abs burning then you are waisting time because after about 25 you should already feel it, by doing it correctly. You may want to add weights and concentrate on the contraction with each rep. The results are not in quantity but in quality.

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